Your Zodiac Says… This Is The Eyeliner Style You Should Try


There may be many eyeliner styles out there, but only one describes your zodiac personality the best. It will suit your vibe, swag and beliefs. This will be your signature style and your besties will seek beauty inspiration from you! So ladies, read on to find out the perfect eyeliner style according to your zodiac.

1. Aries – Winged With Grace

A strong woman like you deserves an equally powerful eyeliner style. You are meant for great things and this particular style will give you the confidence and energy to ace those goals like a boss. Did we mention this it kinda makes you look hot, too? *Wink*

2. Taurus – The Basics

You ace the basics because you know how to carry yourself like a lady. Heads turn when you walk by. You like living a very minimal lifestyle, but it must be of high quality. When you speak, the world stops to listen. This eyeliner style will enhance your charismatic personality and straightforward attitude.

3. Gemini – That Electrified Line

You are like the Lady Gaga of the zodiac signs. Baby, you were born to stand out! Just like your electrifying personality, so is your glittery eyeliner style. You’ve got looks that kill. Confidence and charisma are your biggest assets. Use them to your advantage, we say!

4. Cancer – Sexy Leopard Print

You are a bundle of energy and are known for your creative avatar. This particular eyeliner style perfectly captures your artsy side. You love experimenting with different styles and that’s precisely why you stand out from the rest. You go, sista!

5. Leo – ‘D’ For Drama

You’re the kind of woman who craves for an eyeliner style that describes your powerful personality. One glance is enough for people to get the message. Not only do you love applying your liner, you also love clubbing an exotic shade of eyeshadow with it. You truly are the Queen of the zodiacs!

6. Virgo – Egyptian Goddess

They say that the first impression is the last impression, and you manage to capture hearts by the dozen. The Egyptian eyeliner style makes you look like a Goddess of the pyramids. It creates a dreamy and mysterious vibe around you. Don’t be surprised if people start to fall in love with you, because girl, your beauty is mesmerizing!

7. Libra – Double Trouble

You rarely apply eye makeup, but when you do, you look hot as hell! A double liner is your ticket to fame. It looks classy, adds a hint of drama to those beautiful round eyes and makes you feel sophisticated. You may even feel pumped up to take on the world. After all, who run the world? Librans! *Yay*

8. Scorpio – Asymmetrical Twins

There’s something really sizzling about this eyeliner style. It’s far from the ordinary and syncs with your inner element. Saving you from breaking the ice, this eyeliner style gives off flirty vibes. Lucky is the one who makes eye contact with you.

9. Sagittarius – The Edge

We love this eyeliner style because it looks very futuristic and modern – just like your personality. You can playfully tease people with your eyes and have the power to grab anyone’s attention. This triangular style just accentuates your look.

10. Capricorn –  Angel Eyes

Any liner that gets clubbed with metallic shimmer makes you look like a dazzling pixie. Absolutely beautiful to look at, it makes your eyes look like a pair of sparkling diamonds sprinkled with gold dust. We think that this gorgeous eyeliner style works best with your classy and powerful personality.

11. Aquarius – Cat Eyes

Slight different from the iconic cat-eye liner, but this one’s a gem. Looks like a mix between the cat and the wing. An illusion that perfectly highlights your vision and deepest, darkest secrets. A touch a shimmer to complete the look and you’re ready to be the star of the show.

12. Pisces –  Smooth Like A Straight Line

Slay it with this sleek and smooth eyeliner style, Pisces! Not too subtle, not too flashy  – this eyeliner style is perfect for you! It makes you look sharp, confident and most importantly, yourself. A bit of mascara and a stroke of your favourite jet black eyeliner, and you’ll be grabbing eyeballs in no time!

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