10 Body Language Tricks To Make People Like You – Instantly!


Have you ever come across someone and thought ‘This person seems nice’, even though you don’t really know them? Also, have you come across someone and thought ‘I would rather not cross their path again’? So what sets these two people apart? There is definitely something that makes the first person more likeable than the second. If you look closely you will realize, the reason might be their body language. Our brain associates certain postures, habits and mannerisms with specific qualities. So ladies, here are a few body language tricks to make people like you, that you should definitely have up your sleeve!

1. Pivot, please!

When someone approaches you, pivot your whole body (and not just your head) so that you face them completely. This shows that you are interested in interacting with them. It also instantly makes you more approachable and easy to talk to.

2. Keep your stance open

An open stance is welcoming and makes you look more approachable. Crossing your arms or sitting with your legs crossed when interacting with someone are indicators of a closed stance. So, let your body loose and rest your hands on an armrest, a table or simply your lap. May not seem like much, but it really makes a difference.

3. Fidget not!

If you are talking to someone, give them your full attention. Shuffling your feet, fidgeting with something you have in your hand or constantly checking the time shows disinterest. The person talking to you will end up feeling unwanted and unheard. So limit the fidget, maybe?

4. A smile takes you the extra mile!

Smiling automatically sparks a positive vibe. So, when greeting someone, greet them with the smile. In the course of your conversation smile once in awhile too. It will show that you are listening and are also enjoying the conversation. People instantly take a liking to people who smile.

5. No one likes a mumble bee!

When greeting or conversing with someone, be loud and clear. You do not have to yell but make sure you are not mumbling. Mumbling makes you come across as either overly shy or uncomfortable.

6. It’s all in the handshake

Men, especially, are sensitive to handshakes. A limp or half-hearted handshake will instantly cost you points, whereas a steady yet gentle handshake radiates confidence and willingness. Don’t squeeze too hard, though!

7. Upright not uptight!

Whether you are sitting or standing, maintain a tall posture. Let yourself loose, don’t be too stiff but don’t be leaning on the table either. An upright posture shows interest and willingness to communicate and makes you instantly likeable!

8. Don’t forget the eye contact

You can tell whether or not someone is genuinely interested in talking to you just by noticing their eye movement. When someone is talking to you or is even listening to something you are talking about, make good eye contact. It exudes confidence and sends out a very positive vibe.

9. Walk in like a boss

When you walk into the room, walk in like you deserve to be there. Confidence is more attractive than looks, on any given day. Walk tall, take medium strides and smile. Well begun is half done!

10. The goodbye greeting!

The way you say goodbye to someone will stay with them for quite sometime. So instead of saying ‘bye’ and waving, go ahead and shake their hand and say something like, ‘It was really nice meeting you’. A pleasant goodbye greeting will go a long way in making people like you.

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